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MAC commissioned a press machine in USA


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MAC commissioned a press machine in USA

MAC commissioned a sintering press machine for cutting microchips at INDUSTRIAL TOOLS INC.

ITI is a world leading manufacturer of superabrasive products focused on Precision Dicing Blades and Fine-Grinding (Flat-Honing) Plates. His products are used globally on an infinite variety of applications including semiconductor packaging, glass, ceramics, crystals, composites, silicon carbide, hard disk drives, compound semiconductors, Chip-LED, HP LED (High Power LED), quartz, and also a variety of metals.

Mac has started-up in  the plant of ITI Oxnard, CA USA , the new model of  SintMAC90q, it's a sintering machine  for the production of cutting blades for electronic microchips.

ITI, expressed his satisfaction and congratulation to all Mac  personnel that they worked closely with ITI team to commission this project a success.

The StarMAC90q features the following main characteristics:

- electric power 90 kW controlled by energy saving unit and managed by PLC

- pressing force from 700 up to 38.000kg

- temperature reading from 0 to 1300 °C by thermocouple and from 300 up to 1.300°C by optical pyrometer

- electrode dimension 190x190mm by electronic mold Height  control

- remote service for data transmission of software update

- diagnostic functions

- software for data cycle and graphic analysis

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